Athenry-Christmas Shopping in 1953


Take A Look At Its Well Stocked Shops

Source: Connacht Tribune, 05.12.1953, page 27

Let us make a tour of the shops in Athenry and see what can be bought there. It is only fair to our advertisers that we should mention their wares, since they, by their support of this article, have shown that they have the interests of the town at heart.

“Buying the Christmas”

We are entering now upon the season of goodwill when “Christmas presents” and “buying the Christmas” are almost passwords in every household.  Now in “buying the Christmas” it is hard to imagine that one could fail to get everything one requires in Brendan Higgins’s establishment. This is surely one of the best stocked grocery shops in the West. There are also shops such as John Kennedy’s, Jim Fahy’s, Tommy Fox’s and T. J. Quinton’s, all of which are also noted for excellent goods, courtesy and civility.

Embodied, of course, in every Christmas order is the supply of drinks and spirits, which are very necessary to make this holiday period a season of good cheer. In this respect as fine a supply of wines, spirits, etc., as can be had anywhere in Ireland, is available at the keenest prices in Fox’s, Houlihans, Mahons, Higgins, Mick Whelans and in one of Athenry’s newest shops, Sean Coens. To the man who likes a good pint there are no finer and more comfortable bars than the above.


In regard to drapery, Athenry seems to cater more for the female sex than for the menfolk. But this need not cause the manly heart to be dismayed or his pocket to be turned in any other direction, for such reputable houses as Nancy O’Donoughue’s, E. J. Fitzsimon’ and Joseph O’Flynn’s can supply any man’s wants within the reach of any man’s pocket, as also, 1 am sure, can the other drapers, not to mention the town’s newest drapery sensation, Vinnie Ma hon. In particular, Miss O’Donouglue has some very fine articles of menswear. such as excellent shirts and very fine suiting and her prices are very competitive indeed. Fitzsimons, of course, for many a long day has been a noted house for well made suits.

Miss O’Donoghue’s advertisement shows the value she has for ladies, and she is a specialist in ladies’ woolen goods. Vincent Mahon has a very fine range of ladies’ winter coats and a large variety of the famous Brendella skirts and good knitwear, all of which are good buying.

Footwear, Chemist, Toys, Delph

Mrs. Michael Whelan caters exclusively for those who require footwear and she stocks all the leading brands — both ladies and gents. At the moment she has some very fine lines in ladies’ shoes in Lotus and Rawsons brands, which would make an ideal Christmas gift for a lady. Excellent footwear is also available in Fitzsimon’s and O’Douoghue’s.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, particularly for ladies, O. Broderick, one of the best stocked chemists in the West, have hundreds of items which would fairly make the fair sex “purr.” While Mahon and Sons have never failed to provide a wide range of ideal Christmas gifts, both wholesale and retail. Mrs. P. Doherty, “The Arch” informs us that she can provide a large choice in toys, delph and small drapery for the Christmas buyer.

Christmas Cards

With the Christmas season comes the postman’s greatest scourge, the Christmas card. Everybody sends them, everybody buys them. Mahon and Sons have a very wide variety both for wholesale and retail trading at the keenest prices. Willie Higgins also has a large stock as also have Vincent Mohon, Doherty’s, The Arch, Quintons and many others.

Specialised Sales and Trades

Now let us come down to more specialised sales and trades. For bicycles and cycle accessories, James Fahy cannot be surpassed. His prices are keen, his service is good and he can supply from stock.

In radios and electrical goods, Joey O’Flynn’s can supply anybody’s wants. He has in stock a beautiful table radiogram, which plays six records in succession without one having to touch it but once. He also has cookers, radios heaters and everything electrical.

Christy Howley is a specialist in furniture. His prices for the ordinary kitchen chairs are the lowest we have seen. In this sphere also Gardner’s at the Square will make anything to any

specification; they are also very efficient undertakers and supply all kinds of timber goods. Actually, we have heard of a man who wrote to a firm in London inquiring where he could get a certain article and he received a letter by return referring him to Gardner’s, Athenry. We have the evidence to support this.

One of the most up-to-date bakeries in the county is in course of completion for John Joe White. The already high quality of his bread is going to be even higher when the new bakery goes into action.

For ladies’ hairdressing we have Miss Quinn and Miss Blayde who, with their various permanent waving systems, can really work wonders. They are both first class hairdressers

Victuals and Machinery

Athenry is well stocked with excellent victuals, the best of which can be obtained in Eddie Brady’s.

In Athenrv we have Mr. J. J, Ruane’s work where the mysteries of the Ferguson system can be unraveled by a mere inquiry. Since mechanised farming is now the only farming, Ruane’s engineering works should be a focal point for all farmers who come into the town. Mr. Ruane is one of the most sympathetic and reasonable of men and one is sure of satisfaction in all business transactions with him.

A first-class restaurant and confectionery shop will be opened to the pubic in the very near future when Mr. Frank Curran commences in business. Thus, a much needed want will be satisfied, as farmers and country people who come into Athenrv to shop can obtain refreshments before they start out on their homeward journey.

Since we have merely touched on the various businesses in the town and have shown a pretty conclusive cross-section of what the town offers, it is very evident that one can obtain all one’s requirements in Athenry and that there is absolutely no necessity, and no excuse, for by-passing it, for you’ll get no better value anywhere.

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