Athenry Trades Directory 1931



Athenry Town Trades Directory 1931


From Thorn’s Directory of Ireland, 1931


In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many of these names are the same person, with a number of different ‘Occupations’.

Name Address Occupation
Athenry Hotel Cross St. Hotels
Bank of Ireland Banks
Brady E. Church St. Drapers
Broderick C. L. Old Church St. Chemists
Broderick J. F. Church St. Publicans
Broderick John & Son Church St. Builders
Condron Miss Davis St. Tobacconists
Corbett & Co. Northgate St. Publicans
Corbett S. P. Northgate St. Grocers
Corbetts Northgate Cycle Agents
Corbetts Northgate St. Egg Merchants
Corbetts Northgate St. Provision Dealers
Curran Thomas The Sq. Publicans
Daly & Sons Northgate St. Bootmakers & Boot Warehouses
Daly C. Northgate SL Drapers
Daly M. Cross St. Publicans
Daly Matthew Cross St. Grocers
Dempsey Michael Church St. Victuallers
Duffy Patrick The Arch Publicans
Durkin E. Church St. Publicans
Fahy James Northgate St. Cycle Agents
Fallon Mrs. Northgate St. Publicans
Feeney P. Newford Motor Engineers & Garages
Fitzsimons E. J.  
Fitzsimons E. J. Northgate St. Drapers
Foley Charles H. Motor Engineers S Garages
Fox P. J. Old Church St                 Bootmakers & Boot Warehouses
Fox P. J. Old Church St Grocers
Fox P. J. Old Church St. Publicans
Glynn J. Old Church St. Grocers
Glynn J. Old Church St. Publicans
Heavey T. Chapel St. Saddler
Hessian M. Northgate St. Grocers
Hession Michael Northgate St. Egg Merchants
Hession Michael Northgate St. Victuallers
Higgins B. Davis St. Grocers
Higgins Thomas Davis St. Baker
Higgins Thomas Davis St. Provision Dealers
Higgins Thomas Davis St. Publicans
Higgins W. P. Old Church St. Motor Engineers & Garages
Hogan Patrick Solicitor
Howley Thomas The Sq. Motor Engineers & Garages
Hynes Patrick Cross St. Builders
Jordan Stephen Davis St. Bootmakers & Boot Warehouses
Jordan Stephen The Sq. Grocers
Jordan Stephen Davis St. Publicans
Kelly J. F. Cross St. Publicans
Kelly T. McDermott, Raheen Park Veterinary Surgeon
Lardner B., Mrs. Church St. Publicans
Lardner M. J. Church St. Grocers
Lynch Brothers The Square Boot makers and Boot Warehouses
Mahon P Cross St Grocers
Mahon Patrick Cross St Publicans
Manning Joseph Bridge St Publicans
McCabe Joseph Northgate St Grocers
McCabe Joseph Northgate St Tobacconists
Mills A J BMS NUI Murphy’s Hotel Dentist
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd Banks
Nolan Mrs. Nor.’hgate St. Publicans
Nolan P. J. Northgate St. Grocers
Nolan R. P. Old Church Hill Baker
Nolan R. P. Old Church St. Grocers
Nolan R. P. Old Church St. Publicans
O’Flynn’s The Sq. Drapers
O’Neill Mrs. TheSq. Bootmakers & Boot Wa rehouses
O’Neill Mrs. The Sq. Drapers
O’Neill Mrs. The Sq. Provision Dealers
O’Neill Mrs. The Sq. Publicans
O’Neill Mrs. Cross St. Publicans
O’Neill P. The Sq. Baker
O’Neill P. The Sq. Chemists
O’Neill Patrick J. The Sq. Grocers
Quinn Brothers Old Church St. Coach Builders
Railway Hotel opposite Station Hotels
Regan Thomas Northgate St. Sculptor
Reynolds D. Old Church St. Publicans
Rooney Miss Northgate St. Publicans
Ruane’s Chemical Works Athenry Fertiliser Manufacturers
Ruane’s Northgate St. Bottler (Wholesale)
Ruane’s Northgate St. Cycle Agents
Ruane’s Northgate St. Grocers
Ruane’s Northgate St. Motor Engineers & Garages
Ruane’s Northgate St. Provision Dealers
Ryan Miss Northgate St. Publicans
Shields Vincent P. Solicitor
Sweeney J. M. Old Church St. Provision Dealers
Sweeney J. M. Old Church St. Publicans
Sweeney Joseph Cross St. Cycle Agents
Sweeney Joseph Cross St. Publicans
Ulster Bank Ltd. Banks
Walshe J. Northgate St. Publicans

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