Ballydavid Middle



Name (as per O.S.I. Map): Ballydavid Middle

Ainm/Ainmneacha as Gaeilge  John O’Donavan’s Townland Index 1862):

Baile Dáibhidh

Meaning of the Name:

Ainm as Gaeilge:                                                    Meaning in English:

Baile Dáibhidh                                                        David’s Town

Townland Names -The Athenry Journal, Vol. 1, No: 3, 1995

Ballydavid Middle – Baile Dhaithi Lár.

Acreage (Richard Griffiths Valuation 1847-1864):

201 Acres; 3 Roods; 39 Square Perches

Valuation: £ s d

Propietor of the Townland:

Description (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

It is the property of Mr. Bateman, all under cultivation. Near its north-east extremity stands a castle ruins and 18 chains from its south-east angle stands a triangulation station and old castle, 227 above sea level. A lane passes through its centre from the castle ruins. It is bounded on the east by the road from Athenry to Monivea.

Situation (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

It is 1 and half miles north of Athenry, bounded on the north by Mountain North, Ballydavid North and Ballydavid. On the west by Parkmeakle. On the south by Ballydavid South, on the east by Cahertubber East and West.

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Tithe Applotment Book Data (18   ):

1839 O.S.I. Map

1852 Griffiths Valuation Data:

Acreage (Richard Griffiths Valuation 1847-1864):

128 Acres; 3 Roods; 8 Square Perches.

1855 – The Landlord for Ballydavid Middle in 1855 was Lord Dunsandle. He owned 9A, 5R, 52P.

1855 – There were 11 houses on this townland.

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Ballydavid Middle:  there was a castle site which was once the property of Mr. Roteman. It consisted of 20 acres under cultivation. Today there are the remains of a castle and the remains of an outlying defence post. A lane passes through its centre from the castle ruins.

Ballydavid Middle was known as David’s town.