Name (as per O.S.I. Map):


Ainm/Ainmneacha as Gaeilge  (John O’Donavan’s Townland Index 1862):

Meaning of the Name: 

Ainm as Gaeilge:                                                    Meaning in English:

                                                                                 Generally refers to land liable to flood

Townland Names -The Athenry Journal, Vol. 1, No: 3, 1995

Bottom – Bun

Acreage (Richard Griffiths Valuation 1847-1864):

101 Acres; 2 Roods; 31 Square Perches.

Valuation: £ s d

Propietor of the Townland:

Description (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

It is the property of Mr. Persse, all under tillage but very much interspersed with limestone rocks. It is bounded on the north by a crossroads and in its southern angle is a small lake, and parts of its centre are very much subject to winter floods.

Situation (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

It is situated one and a half miles south-southeast of Athenry, bounded on the north by Boyhill, on the east by Loobruah, west by Tubberconnolly and Mountain South, and south by Kilconieron parish.


1821 Census Data of the area including

1841- there were 12 people living in Bottom  and 7 inhabitants in 1851.

1851- there were 5 tenants occupying land in Bottom.

Tithe Applotment Book Data (1827):

In 1827 Redmond Burke owned 17 acres of 2nd grade land

1839 O.S.I. Map

1852 Griffiths Valuation Data:

O.S.I. Map (19   ) Showing Archaeological Sites:

1901 Census Data:

In 1905 Burton V. Persse owned the townland of Bottom containing (101 A. 2R 51P). There were no tenants and there was a herd’s house, offices and land. He also owned Boyhill (185A 1R 4P). One tenant, Thomas Sice owned 4A 2R 15P.

1911 Census Data:

By 1920, Burton Persse had gone and four Nolan children (minors), John Hansberry, Mary Freeney, Michael Cassidy, and Bridget Higgins had got divisions of the estate.

1924-Names on Voters Lists for national Elections (Galway Co. Co.)

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