Castle Ellen


Name (as per O.S.I. Map):

Castle Ellen

Ainm/Ainmneacha as Gaeilge  (John O’Donavan’s Townland Index 1862):

Caisleán Eibhlín

Meaning of the Name: 

Ainm as Gaeilge:      Meaning in English:

Caisleán Eibhlín         Ellen’s Castle called after Ellen Browne who lived there prior to the Lamberts.

Meaning of Townland Name in The Athenry Journal-Vol. 1, No. 3, P. 27/30.1995

Castle Ellen – Caisledn Eibhlín – As for St. Ellens.

Description (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

Captain Lambert is the proprietor and forms part of the demesne of the Lamberts. Near the centre is the residence of the proprietor and at 7 chains south-west of it is the ruins of an old castle. The road from Athenry to Tuam forms its western bounds and its general surface varies from 169 to 194 above sea level.

Situation (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

It is two and half miles north-northwest of Athenry. Bounded on the north by Monivea parish, east by Loughaunenaghaun, south by Fahy’s village and west by Saint Ellens and Pollagh townlands.

1821 Census Data of the area including

Tithe Applotment Book Data (18   ):

1839 O.S.I. Map

Acreage (Richard Griffiths Valuation 1847-1864):

379 Acres; 3 Roods; 38 Square Perches

Valuation: £ s d

Propietor of the Townland:

1852 Griffiths Valuation Data:

O.S.I. Map (19   ) Showing Archaeological Sites:


According to Dr. Goslings ArcheologicaL Survey there are numerous archeological sites to be found in Castlelambert and Castle Ellen. To be found at Castle Snen are castle and enclosures (50), Non-Antiquity (51) Uncertain Earthwork (52,55), Unclassified Earthwork site (54), Mansion (55), Uncertain Earthwork Sites (56,57,58,59).

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