Gloves West


Name (as per O.S.I. Map):

Gloves West

Ainm/Ainmneacha as Gaeilge (John O’Donavan’s Townland Index 1862):  

Globha Thiar

Meaning of the Name: 

Ainm as Gaeilge:            Meaning in English:

Globha                            Most likely from Glebha or (West) Glebe meaning owned by the Church.                   

Meaning of Townland Name in The Athenry Journal-Vol. 1, No. 3, P. 27/30.1995

Gloves WestGluibhe Thiar -Herbs.

Description (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

It is the property of Mr. Browne, one-third of which is bog, the remainder arable. Its average height above sea level varies from 172 to 184 feet.

Situation (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

It is situated two miles east of Athenry, bounded on the north by Kilcornan, in the west by Pollacapul, on the south by Blean, and on the east by Gloves Middle.

1821 Census Data of the area including

Tithe Applotment Book Data (18   ):

1839 O.S.I. Map

Acreage (Richard Griffiths Valuation 1847-1864):

259 Acres; 3 Roods; 38 Square Perches

1852 Griffiths Valuation Data:

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1901 Census Data:

1911 Census Data:

1924-Names on Voters Lists for national Elections (Galway Co. Co.)

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