Historic Sites of Interest in Athenry Parish

Source: Athenry Historical Society

Date: ?

 Athenry Town

Castle: Mainly 13th century.

Town Walls with WallTowers and Gateway: early 14th century.

Dominican Priory: founded 1241 – with noteworthy medieval grave slab.

St Mary’s Collegiate Parish Church: founded c.1235 – 40.

Market Cross: late 15th century of ‘lantern’ or ‘tabernacle’ type.

Railway Station: mid – 19th century.

Old Railway Hotel: c.1850.

‘Winged Horse’ – stainless steel monument by Conor Fallon commemorating the poet Padraig Fallon, a native of Athenry: erected 1992.


Athenry – Galway Road

Parsons Fair Green and Cross Base: 1629.

Ring Forts: 1st millennium A.D.

‘The Farmyard’, Mellows Agricultural College: commandeered by Liam Mellows in 1916.

Windmill Base: 18th century.

Derrydonnell Tower House: 15th century.

Fulachta Fiadh – prehistoric cooking sites: c.1,000 B.C.

Ring-Barrows – early Iron Age burial sites: 1st century B.C. /A.D.


Athenry – Coshla Road

O.P.W. Headquarters.


 Athenry – Raheen – Turloughmore Road

Moanbaun Ring Fort: 1st Millennium A.D.

Castle (convent on OS map); probably 13th century.

‘Leacht Oliver Browne’ – Memorial Monument: late 17th century.


Athenry – Park – Tuam Road

Castle Ellen Tower House; 1616 (?)

Castle Ellen and Gate – Lodge: late 18th century.

Belleville and Gate – Lodge: late 18th century.


Athenry – Monivea Road

Kilcornan Deserted Medieval Village: late 18th century?

Kilcornan Early Monastic Site and Children’s Burial ground: 7th /8th century A.D.

Tower House: 15th/16th century.

Pre-reformation church and children’s burial ground: 17th century.

Monivea: Landlord’s town with bleaching/green: 1740’s.

FFrench Mausoleum: late 19th century.

Monivea Castle – O’Kelly Tower – House acquired early 17th century by the FFrenchs.


Athenry – Newcastle Road

Graigh Abbey: 18th/19th century.

Temple Moyle/Tysaxon; early 13th century church on late 7th century church/site.


Athenry – Esker – Attymon Road

‘Lady Well’: site of pilgrimage on 15th August since 1…….

Filachta Fiadh: prehistoric cooking sites, c.1, 000 B.C.

Esker Monastery: 19th century.

Cloonkeekevill: Ancient Church with notable ‘effigy’ slab.

‘The Temple’ – square pyramidal earth work.


Athenry – Kilconnell – Ballinasloe Road

MoyodeCastle: 19th century: commandeered by Liam Mellows in 1916.

MoyodeTower House: 15th/16th century.

Carrownamorrissy Tower House: 15th/16th century.

Kiltulla House: built by the Darcys: 18th century.

Killtulla Church with Evie Home ‘Stations of the Cross’.


Athenry – Craughwell Road

Medieval Bridge: 1423 (?) widened c.1600.

Saint Bridget’s Church with 1728 carved slab.

Ring forts and Cashel: 1st millennium A.D.