Moanbawn/Moonbaun is in the Barony of Athenry and the E.D. of Greethill.  Another name for Moonbaun is Moneywane and the locals refer to it as Black Mountain on account of the poor land. Moonbaun literally means white Bog. 

Moonbaun was once the property of Lord Oranmore (1838) and consists of 605 acres.  In 1841 there were 70 inhabitants living in Moonbaun compared to 23 in 1951.  In 1855 James Perry was the Landlord and he owned 605 acres.

In 1827 James Monaghan owned 161 acres of 2nd grade land, 161 acres of 3rd grade land and 50 acres of 4th grade land

572 total acres

In 1821 there were 124 inhabitants in Moonbaun. There was a village of houses to the left of the boreen off the Carnaun road.  There is also an old road from Derrydonnell over Castlelambert through Moonbaun (present road) through Newline and then to the bog.  To the west side of Moonbaund is an old fort.  Moonbaun land was at one stage owned by Goodbody with Lobdell as manager and Flood as herd.

In the 1900s most of the land was very unproductive being covered by furze and hushes, hence the name Black Mountain. The land wns sold by ? to the land commissionin in the early 1900s, each family purchasing their respective holdings. 

Dobbyns, Bradys and Duffys were the only families living in Moonbaun at this time.  The old Golf course was also in Moonbaun and was owned by the Dobbyns but rented out to the golf course committee.  In the 1990s Moonbaun has become a highly populated village.