Name (as per O.S.I. Map):


Ainm/Ainmneacha as Gaeilge (John O’Donavan’s Townland Index 1862):

Meaning of the Name: 

Ainm as Gaeilge:                                       Meaning in English:

Baile Phámair                                              Named after the owner of the land.

Meaning of Townland Name in The Athenry Journal-Vol. 1, No. 3, P. 27/30.1995

Palmerstown – Baile Phamair – Palmers (people who went on pilgrimage, often to the Holy Land, and brought back palms). Description (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

It is the property of Judge Vandeleur, three-quarters of which is uncultivated rough pasture. It is bounded on the south by the road from Athenry to Galway, five chains north of which, at 10 chains east of a junction of roads, is a ruin called Lambert’s Folly. Its general surface varies from 67 to 108 feet above sea level.

Situation (John O’Donavan’s Townland index 1862):

It is situated 3 and half miles west-northwest of Athenry. It is bounded on the north by Carnmore, on the west by Derrydonnel North, on the south by Moyveela, and east by Tubberuah and Lisheenkyle East and West.

Palmers-town is in the Barony of Dunkellin and the E.D. of Stradbally. It was the property of Judge Vandaleur and it contained 448 acres.

1821 Census Data of the area including

Tithe Applotment Book Data (1827 ):

In 1827, Burton Pearse Junior Esq. owned 186 acres of 3rd grade land.

Mr. Keane owned 88 and three quarter acres

Michael Kelly and Partners owned 116 acres of 3rd grade land.

Nicholas Kealy owned 19 acres of 3rd grade land.

1839 O.S.I. Map

Acreage (Richard Griffiths Valuation 1847-1864):

448 Acres; 2 Roods; 14 Square Perches

1852 Griffiths Valuation Data:

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