Presentation to Kitty Lardner by Athenry Project Society (1998)


Athenry Project Society (1998)

 Source: The Athenry Journal 1998

.Kitty Lardner Presentation

The Loughrea Award goes to a woman who for over 50 years has been synonymous with drama in Athenry, as actress, producer and director with the Athenry Drama Group.  From her first performance with the Gaelic League – which won her an All Ireland Best Actress Award – to last year’s wonderful Shakespeare production in Athenry Castle, Kitty Lardner has been a mighty presence on the Galway amateur drama scene.  Her work has ranged from the familiar to the avant garde, from the sensational to the austere, and came to the notice and admiration of no less than John Huston, the legendary Hollywood film-maker.

Tonight we applaud an innovative, imaginative and beloved arts worker who has for half a century contributed immeasurably to the cultural life of her town, both in her own work and in her invaluable development of new generations of Athenry theatre practitioners.  

Well done Kitty Lardner.

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